Alex James is one of those people who you can't help but be excited for. At such a young age his shots show a real maturity way beyond his years and with a great following he is giving himself a platform to exhibit his work and he is gaining an appreciative and broad spread audience. 

We invited Alex in for a chat about his work, Glasgow and where the best flat white is.

Introduce yourself and what you do?

I'm Alexander James (@VLEXJAMES) and I'm a photographer and visual marketer.

Describe your work.

I can't describe it as it is always changing, don't want to put a label on it as it could set barriers, love doing a little bit of everything, not to much to dilute what I do, but enough to generate more and more ideas which help evolve my craft as a photographer. With my work I want to capture different aspects from street photography to being in the middle of Glencoe. I want to share with people how I would perceive and look at things. 

What strikes you about Glasgow Architecture?

Seems to be that every building and every street is different, there is not one set look throughout the City. This means that, to me, you can have such a wide range of styles to get inspired by.

What goals have you set yourself?

Obviously working and progressing in the fashion/travel industries etc... And working with clients to create a fine art portfolio of work whilst also evolving what I do as a photographer. I think of it as setting a big goal and taking smaller steps to progress to get there, this means that I don't end up saying yes to everything and I can focus on what I want to achieve.

Where's the best flat white in Glasgow? 

Shout out Laboratorio Espresso, great staff in there as well. 

Describe your outfit grid. 

Gone for the simplistic, less is more type look. With some whites in there for summer, to keep it looking clean. 

Alex picked out the Newquay Mac, Barry Shirt, Margate Trouser, before finishing it off with Han Kjobenhavn sunglasses, Veja Volleys and Daimon Barber Gel Pomade


Instagram: @VLEXJAMES