We recently invited Glasgow (via Kilmarnock) band Fatherson to our new store in Princes Square Glasgow, to talk clothes, Glasgow and who we should be listening to. 

Tell us briefly about the band?

Greg: We've been a band for quite a while since we were at school and then just kind of,

Mark: We moved to glasgow together and we all grew up in Kilmarnock together, been best pals and in a band pretty much as soon as we could play instruments. We signed a record deal last year with Sony and we've got a new album coming out on June the 3rd called Open Book.

Desert Island, 3 Records, What do you take?
Greg: I'd probably have to take, "Grace" by Jeff Buckley as that's something I could probably listen to out there.
Ross: I'd take "blue" by Joni Mitchell
Mark: I have no idea and I've known about this question for half an hour now, what's my favourite album? Errm I would take, this is me having another mind blank, eh 
Mark: At the moment I'd take the Oh Wonder album as I've not stopped listening to it since it came out
Who should We be paying attention to?
Ross:You should be paying attention to Frances, she was on the bbc sound of 2016 as well as alessia cara
Greg: and the japanese house
Favourite item from the store?
Mark: The unaware boardies print shirt
Greg: I'm a massive fan of the pembroke blazer and margate trouser
Ross: I'm really into this guy, the Ullapool crombie
Last one, Favourite thing about Glasgow
Greg: I'd probably say the unpretentiousness of it
Ross: Glasgow has a good vibe, we get to go to quite a few different places and there isn't many that we'd actually want to live in. 
Mark: It's friendly as well and everyone loves a pint.
Fatherson's new record "Open Book" is out June 3rd via Sony music.