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Kestin Hare Project Ampersand


A collaboration born out of a love for craft, innovation and quality. Project Ampersand was initiated by Innis & Gunn, challenging us to create a unique product inspired by The Original barrel-aging process.

We are a brand that’s proud to seek out only the best, most unique fabrics and to create collections that are more than just product. In ‘repurposing the repurposed’, we took inspiration from the Innis & Gunn ’The Original’ processes, showcasing and telling the story of barrel-aged beer in our own way.

Kestin Hare Project Ampersand



At Arobois – the oak ageing facility in France that provides the barrel pieces for The Original’s innovative ‘barrel into beer’ maturation process – the barrels take on a whole new life. In order to guarantee optimum maturity and ripening of the wood, it is dried naturally in the open air for a minimum of 18 months. During this period, the wood undergoes, an evolution essential to its maturation giving it unique aromatic qualities and colour tones.

Kestin was inspired by the multi sensory experience, the natural oak ageing processes, the toasting of the chips, the brewing process, and most importantly the standard issue classic French “Bleu De Travail” workwear jackets.


Kestin Hare Project Ampersand

Kestin Hare Project Ampersand


To produce a high quality workwear jacket, inspired by the workers at Arobois, using aspects of their manufacturing process for inspiration and garment detailing. French workwear has always played an important part of our brand, making this product a natural fit. 


We designed and produced a heavy-weight and durable shirt jacket in 100% Herringbone Cotton. The product has character and a lived-in quality due to being garment dyed in two colours – Raw and Toasted Oak - mirroring the tones of the wooden staves. The natural garment wash and finishing of the product reflects the drying process at Arobois - “where the wood is washed by rain and dried by the sun”. Classic French workwear detailing includes inner patch pocket with profile stitching and two patch pockets.

Kestin Hare Project Ampersand 


The design is functional and a little unconventional due to the salvaged materials taken from Arobois, and used as the trims on the product and packaging.

We took the fragrant toasted American Oak barrel pieces used in the cask barrel aged beer process at Arobois, and made hand-turned buttons to finish the jacket. Every button is completely unique and should be handled with care.

The muslin bags – ordinarily used to store the barrel pieces and through which the beer is maturated – have been repurposed as the garment outer packaging. The barrel pieces have again been incorporated within the packaging in the form of the toggles.

Kestin Hare Arobois Shirt Jacket

The Arobois Shirt Jacket Limited Edition – 15 produced. To purchase please call our Edinburgh store on 0131 554 9177.  For more information about Project Ampersand click here. 

Kestin Hare Project Ampersand

Kestin Hare Project AmpersandKestin Hare Project Ampersand